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Humble Beginnings

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Throughout her career, Dr. Audrey Evans noticed that families had nowhere to stay while their kids were being treated, and she was determined to change that by creating a home away from home, free of charge. This is where the Ronald McDonald House program started.

In 1974, Audrey and Jimmy Murray, the former general manager of the Philadelphia Eagles, co-founded the Ronald McDonald House Charities to provide lodging, resources, and care to children and families in need.

Since opening, the Ronald McDonald House Charities span more than 63 countries, have 360 locations, and have helped over 7 million families.” Dr. Evans says, “If I go to a [Ronald]

McDonald House, somebody takes care not only of a child who is staying there, but takes care of the whole family…” and thanks to her, the RMHC network continues to do that for families all over the world and right here in Billings, MT with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Eastern Montana.

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