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Connie Grammens, 35 years in November 2020

In November of 2020, Connie Grammens will have been working at Ronald McDonald House of Billings for thirty-three years! Connie started as House Manager and eventually moved to her current position of Executive Director.

Connie moved to Billings after she graduated from college at MSU. She moved to accept a retail buying position at Cole’s Department Store. Connie was community vice president of Junior League and she was working with RMHC on a leadership conference. In the process, she found out they were looking for a House Manager and decided to apply. She was hired in November of 1985, only three years after The House was established in Billings.

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Connie is Executive Director for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Eastern Montana. Because of their small staff, Connie finds herself doing House Manager duties still…and she says her jobs range from finding someone to help fix a broken toilet, to consoling a family, to making construction decisions, to hosting donors and fundraisers. “It’s exciting because I never really know what each day will bring!” They also have a part time development director that they have added, but only in the last ten years. Connie basically IS the Ronald McDonald House of Billings, and because of Connie, The House thrives!

When asked what her biggest challenge is at The House she told us, “It takes a whole community effort to keep our organization afloat. We rely heavily on our community for funding and volunteering and are grateful for all their support.”

We also asked her what has made her stay at RMHC for 35 years, her reply came quickly, “The families that you get to know and help. And being a part of sharing with them as they go through different trials and tribulations. Celebrating the joyful days when families get to go home. The Ronald McDonald House of Billings is one big family – everybody supports one another. It’s been fun to watch it grow over the years, and see the major changes in Billings’ medical community, and that they have taken such an advanced role in rural MT and Wyoming.”

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Eastern Montana Board of Directors


Kathy Pierce, President

Spencer Frederick, President-Elect

Andy Gott, Treasurer

Brad Anderson, Past President


Quinn Donovan

Vicki Coffee

Bob Ellison

Travis Dimond

Joanne Dodd

Jim Gainan

Karen Frank

Spencer Frederick

Dan Merry

Megan Model

Pat Newbury

Dr. Patricia Notario

Diane Redenius

Duncan Peete

Dr. Alison Rentz

Sammy Twito

Nick Hart

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Eastern Montana Staff


Connie Grammens, Executive Director

Dana Donovan, Director of Program Services

Patty Connelley, Director of Development

Jennifer Eliason, Ronald McDonald Family Room Coordinator

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